Hello there! Greetings from the ever-intriguing Escape the Place, which brings you a variety of puzzles that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone. But perhaps you belong in a special group of people: two people looking for a date night activity. Glad you stopped by! We’ve gathered a list of some of the best date night ideas in Colorado Springs.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This zoo has an excellent reputation throughout the state, and for good reason. Everything in the zoo is designed to give you an excellent view of the animals, from the open-air rides to the giraffe feeders.

Escape the Place. That’s right, put your thinking caps on for a date night you won’t forget! An escape room is a great way to bond and create memories. You can easily multiply the fun by asking another couple (or two!) to join you in the experience. We recommend Quarantine or The Hangover for the adventure-loving couple.

Bristol Brewing Company. This brewery channels the cool vibes of a 100-year-old elementary school that’s now home to several breweries, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and meeting/event space. The food selection is limited but delicious, and the beers earn rave reviews.

Western Museum of Mining. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the stories at this museum. Soak in some of Colorado’s most colorful history and go panning for gold yourself. Who knows, you could strike it rich!

The Golden Bee. Chow down some delicious Irish fare here while listening to ragtime piano, which begins at 7:30pm every day. You can also sip on a yard of beer – which makes a perfect Instagrammable moment.

Garden of the Gods. What list of activities would be complete without this gem? This is a great place to stroll and take in some of Mother Nature’s wonders.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us about a particularly memorable date you had in the area, especially if it involved one of our very own escape rooms. And in the meantime, keep thinking, puzzle lovers.