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What is the Escape Room Center Experience?

Do You Have What It Takes to Escape?

Escape the Place in Colorado Springs is an interactive and immersive escape room center experience that will challenge your team both physically and mentally. With the clock ticking, you and your team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and make a getaway before time runs out.

1 Room

Whether you’re racing to deactivate a nuclear device or waking up trapped after a hard night of partying, each room presents a unique story and exciting challenge.

1 Team

Even MacGyver couldn’t take on an Escape the Place puzzle alone. It takes strength in numbers and keen communication skills to unravel the mystery and make your way out. Each escape room is built for teams of 2 – 12 people.

60 Minutes

We crank up the adrenaline by giving you just one hour to spare your team from inevitable doom. Find out how well you can think with the clock tick, tick, ticking.

Our five exhilarating escape rooms will test your intellect and ability to keep cool under pressure. Turn a birthday or bachelor party into an unforgettable adventure for friends and family. Book a team building event for your staff or corporate group – we can even bring our Timebomb room to your location!

Skip the movies and step away from the video games. It’s time to get real at Escape the Place.

How It Works

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Our Rooms


Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are left alone on a tiny Scottish Island. You must follow the clues and solve the puzzle to bring them home.


An elite government initiative tasked with responding to unknown infectious outbreaks, were quarantined when their lab’s isolation fail safe was triggered.


The CIA is closing in, you have one hour to determine who the real terrorists are, or you will be taken into custody.


On the morning of your meeting with Microzonn, you have been deceived by a competitor, and find yourself locked in a hotel room from the outside.


Deactivate a very powerful nuclear device created by one of the world’s most brilliant and notorious villains, The Jester.


You have been captured by the KGB, can you escape this blacksite before it is too late?


Locked in a previously undiscovered chamber in an abandoned building you must escape before it is leveled.

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