Birthday Parties and Special Events

Next-Level Birthday Parties and Special Events

For birthday parties and special events, come to Escape the Place in Colorado Springs for an interactive escape room adventure unlike any other. Choose from 5 different rooms, each with its own unique theme and challenges – from deactivating a catastrophic nuclear device to escaping CIA capture. As time ticks down to zero, you and your guests will work together in a hyper-realistic environment to find clues, decipher codes, solve puzzles and more.

While you can host parties and get-togethers at home, or go out with friends to celebrate at a local bar or restaurant, Escape the Place takes special events to the next level. Get hyped for a highly immersive experience where you’ll have to think outside of the box while locked inside one of our escape rooms. Choose your guest list wisely! Bring together the sharpest minds, problem solvers, and creative thinkers.

We offer private party rooms for a minimum of 4 players, up to a maximum of 12. For larger groups, feel free to book more than one room. We also have a brand new event room that’s perfect for your party. Contact us today for details on birthday parties and special events.

Birthday Parties

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Did you know that birthday cake tastes even better after you’ve survived the last minute escape from a building on the verge of obliteration? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Family Events & Reunions

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Even Aunt Gracie, with her love of cat puzzles and Sudoku, could prove to be an asset when solving your way to sweet freedom. Yes, escape rooms are fun for the entire family!

School Events & Field Trips

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Students get a chance to learn what text books can’t instill, including the value of teamwork, how to problem solve, and how to persevere in order to achieve your goals.

Bachelor & Bachelorette

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Want to wake up after a night of hard partying locked in a hotel room with no way out? Give it a whirl without risk of missing the wedding by choosing The Hangover room.

For awesome birthday parties and special events in Colorado Springs,
come see if you have what it takes to Escape the Place!