About Escape The Place

Escape The Place was founded in 2015 by Captain C.J. Thomson (U.S. Air Force), Escape the Place was the first escape room establishment in Colorado Springs and continues to distinguish itself with 5 distinct and challenging escape scenarios.

Escape the Place seeks to entertain and confound even the most gifted and persistent problem solvers. We have game rooms with high success rates (60-70% solved) and rooms with a high degree of difficulty (3-4% success rate), and several in between. Even if you don’t think you are very good at solving riddles or puzzles, you will enjoy the thrill and entertainment of Escape the Place.

Our Gamemasters, Technical Imagineers, and Creative Puzzle People all have a desire to serve, thrill, and entertain you. If you’re looking for a good time, a challenge, and opportunity to promote team building, book your escape room now!



Site Manager

Loriahn has a huge passion for escape rooms and with over 100 under her belt she is not a rookie. She loves sharing her passion of escape rooms with everyone young to old.  She is a die hard advocate of escape rooms for any occasion and believe they are great for improving any relationship type (work,  dating, family etc).   In her free time (but really what is that??) she is a mom of 4 kids, a 22 year Army Veteran, and works at Starbucks to pay for her intense coffee habit. She and her boyfriend can also be found on random weekends travelling (to do escape rooms of course).

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Lead Facilitator

Anthony is one of our experienced facilitators. Outside of running escape rooms, you might know him as either a physicist or a programmer, who can mostly be found working an equation or writing a code for either a video game or a completely random program. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, it is quite difficult to be certain what he’s doing, but one thing that is certain is Anthony is a very bright and helpful guy, making him a wonderful person to run your next escape room! Perhaps he could be the person to run your room!



Jeffrey is a bright young man with experience in theater, puzzles, and writing, among many other fields of dabbling. Most of the time he can be found writing or editing videos for the YouTube channel he takes part in, usually with a mug of green tea by his side.

The opportunity to work for Escape the Place is a dream combination of these talents and he looks forward to serving each customer like it’s his first!



Chase is a video editor and cameraman working toward being a special effects artist in the near future. He has some background in video game design and is the main editor for several YouTube channels. He enjoys music festivals, exercising, and working on creative projects in his spare time. Chase has experience running a youth group and working with children. He is easy to work with and always helpful.