Howdy there, Jeffrey here to keep you updated on all things Escape the Place! In this entry I would like to address some do’s and don’ts in escape rooms. All of these things have happened in our rooms before, but we hope through these brief lists we can improve customer to employee relations and give you the best possible experience!


  • Come in with a positive attitude, open and willing to solve puzzles without frustration.
  • Listen to every person in your group; many solutions are skipped over due to inattentiveness towards partners.
  • Be careful with our rooms and equipment. We love this place and its puzzles with all we are, please treat them with the respect you afford to your own homes.
  • Feel free to ask for hints. They’re there for a reason and there is no shame in using all your resources. There is shame in failing an escape room with all your hints intact.
  • Speak kindly to our employees, we do our best to give you the most enjoyable experience possible and, but are human just like you. Mistakes will be made, apologies will be given, and we’ll always make as sure as possible our customers leave happy. 


  • Arrive late. It takes up your time and ours which can lead to an incomplete experience. Fifteen minutes early is the recommended time to best fit your needs and ours.
  • Bring children below a certain age. This one is flexible depending on your judgment on a child’s maturity level, but most infants do not feel up to our puzzles and can become quite irritated because of it.
  • Treat this like a life or death scenario. We exist so you don’t have to stress out and break down a wall to escape poison gas inhalation just to get your adrenaline fix.
  • Show up unannounced. We treasure the moments anticipating your arrival that allow us to set up the ideal escape experience. Though we may be able to accommodate walk-ins, it is never a guarantee that a spot will be open.
  • Be a Debbie Downer. Your group is here to have fun and bond, don’t be the sullen sap in the corner mumbling angrily. That’s a waste of time and money, your escape-mates deserve better than that.

All in all, have fun in your escape room experience as this is a unique experience that can never be exactly replicated. Do your best and if you’ve had a good time, then you’ve won regardless of what the timer says!